Help! Primary clutch Exploding

Alright guys iv about had it with my 900, I purchased the unit new from
The deal.. Put about 30 hours on it and took it back to dealer to get the Polaris performance stage 2 kit installed.. Got the bike back and about 2 weeks later the seal on crankshaft started leaking oil and causing my belts to slip.. Took it back to dealer to get fixed and no I didn’t have warranty, picked the unit back up and rode for maybe 10-15 miles and was going about 40 mph down a black top rode and boom my primary clutch went into pieces after I just spent a grand having that seal replace I was furious however dealer claimed the belt caused it, had to pay another chunk of cash for clutch and belt, about 50-100 miles after that the brand knew belt broke.. Put a new one it and 50-100 miles my clutch explodes again!!!!! I was in low and gased it a little bit and boom! I don’t know what to do anymore, could that freakin kit be causing all this chaos cause I don’t have warrant however Polaris warrantys that performance kit any help would much appreciated