Dmoney motor build

Just wanted to start a post for my up coming motor build through Alba racing. This can be a place for Nate and myself to share information and hopefully help someone else looking for a place to take there RZR for motor work.

For those that do not know, Nate and Alba Racing is probably one the number one 1 guys in the country when it comes to customer service and support for RZR upgrades.

I started dealing with Nate back in 2011 or 2012 when I built my 800 with a big bore kit and several other items they offer. Nate was able to put together a complete rebuild kit over the phone. When the kit arrived I started putting everything back together and realized the wrong head gasket was sent. I was in a hurry to get my RZR back together and was extremely pissed the wrong head gasket was included with their big bore kit. I called Nate rather pissed off. Surprised I got any help as I was being a total prick. Nate grabbed the right part for me and over nighted it to my house. Great job Nate, not sure I would have handled it the same on the other end of the phone.

I have dealt with Nate many times over the phone and through messages on the board. I really think the guy ever sleeps. He had always been there to help me. Sometimes the problems were not even his responsibility.

Moving on to the up coming engine build.

A little history:

I bought a boosted RZR used. I blew the motor after a few hundred miles. I then took my RZR to K&T for a rebuild to include pistons, cylinder, springs, buckets and head. A few thousand dollars later she was up and running like a beast. Not sure there is any thing more fun than riding a wheelie over the top of a small dune.

Now about 1500 miles later I am starting to burn a little oil. RZR still runs great, just burns oil. I stopped into Nate’s shop back in March to schedule a May build date. I think the problem is the valve guides, but I would like some Carillo rods put in just to protect the motor.

So here are my expectations of the upcoming build.

As most know, the rods are the deepest part of the motor. To install rods requires a full disassembly of the motor. So by installing rods I also get a fresh rebuild as the motor goes back together.

What I would like to see from Nate:

One or two quick base line dyno pulls. Just to see where we started from.

Pull motor
Strip motor to install rods
New bearings and any other wear items
Hopefully my cylinders can be reused
Head work to include valve guides

Items in question:
Should the oil pump be replaced?
Should the water pump be replaced?
Are turbo cams worth the money?
Is the Alba Racing re-flash on the computer worth the money?

The questions above are the main reason I would like to see a base line dyno run.

If it fits in the budget, I would like cams and computer re-flash.

Oh and just to make this all the more difficult, Nate has 1 week to finish all this work. I will be in town from 4 May to 8 May. Then I depart for Rally on the Rocks in Moab on 11 May.

I will not have a chance to drive the RZR from the time I pick it up to the time I arrive in Moab. I am crossing my fingers this all works out. Scratch that, this all MUST work out. Between the motor build and the Moab trip, there are a few thousand dollars on the line.

Nate, get ready! See you next week.

I have the RZR torn down for you.