Distribution Block Wiring

Trying to decide what to do for wiring up my RzR.

I’m tempted to buy something like this:

But then I have to buy the special crimper tool for $67 or so plus all the connectors and rubber seals for each of them.

Or I could pay more an buy one already made from a place like painless performance. I can’t find the same block as above but here is a similar one for $200.

The downside to this is that it would not be as clean unless I removed all the extra wire leads, but then it would not be expandable so I may as well go for the first option?

Or I could just buy a blue seas fuse block with grounding block, and stick with easy to use ring terminals requiring no new tools.

I hate having to rewire later but would the blue seas block be good enough? Then I would just add relays to the stock positions as needed.

Second, how are the typical RzR switches wired? I imagine you need to power them all off ACC to light up, so should I also add a small non fused ACC block just to run wires to the switches?