Deluxe Fairing Accessory Rant

I installed the "deluxe fairing" accessory today. I purchased this so I could install the rear view mirrors and have a low windshield on my Can Am.

I regret to say this accessory is not up to Can Am standards in my view. Here’s my observations:

1. The sheet instructions coming with the kit are quite poor. Both the diagrams and verbage needs improvement. I’ve written a lot of instructions in my career. It almost seems like these instructions were written by a CAD tech rolling three dimensional views around on the computer screen and then copy-paste. I request the Can Am technical writers get off their chairs and out to the shop to photograph this thing going together. It would be quite helpful. The diagrams are poor. You don’t need much verbage with good photos.

2. Too many parts. It is a fairing for goodness sakes. The stock "brush guard" I took off is one piece. This thing has over 20 items in the box, including fasteners.

3. Speaking of fasteners, every one seemingly used a different tool. We’ve got our Torx in two sizes, our socket hex head, our Phillips, our 5.5 metric socket, and our push clips.

4. The over center clamps holding the fairing to the handlebar mounts are too weak and don’t stay in their plastic slot very well. They splay when you clamp the fairing in place and pull out of the slots.

5. I get the thing mounted to the handlebars, and the last piece called the center handlebar cover I snap on the bars won’t fit. If a Can Am tech assembled one of these, they would surly recommend snapping the handlebar center cover on first, and then mounting the handlebar clamps. That way the fairing would be centered on the bars. So I take it off and do it again. I was off about 3/8". Dumb.

6. By the way, the center handlebar cover does not accommodate the Montana GPS unit like the stock brush guard does. Now I gotta figure out something for that.

7. Cup holders! What on earth for? There are two pieces easily eliminated. I hope I didn’t pay extra for those. I’m going to keep my hands on the grips, thank you.

Maybe Can Am monitors this website for customer feedback. I would if I was them.