converting to a 4seater

When I bought my XP in 2012 kids where not really on horizon but fast forward 3 years and things have changed. This has led me to start considering what we are going to do with our 2seater. Most would say "great excuse to buy a new 1k xp4" and I would have to agree however with the price of those beasts Ive been considering other options.
So I have been searching for XP to XP4 conversions without too many results. I know they have been done and have found a couple photos of mid build but not too many threads on the topic. Im kinda looking for a rough cost of whats needed to stretch it out. I am aware of the obvious changes and parts needed like plastics, seats, cage modifications, coolant lines, shift cable etc. Is there anything that needs to be done in the way of clutching, suspension, springs etc to accommodate the extra weight? Im sure there are other things once getting in the middle of it but really no idea how much it would run. Labor is a non issue as I have all the tools needed and confident in my skills to tackle it. Granted time is money but I enjoy projects in the garage as well so I look at it as a hobby.

Im looking for whats involved in converting over to a xp4 rather then the argument of sell it and buy one. That option is not out of the question but not what this topic is about.

Thanks for any input:icon_thumleft: