completely dead 95 300ex

well long story short i bought myself a birthday present yesterday

the guy that had it was using a jump pack to start it which worked yesterday .. i did it once to start it and test drive it .

he had broken the clip on the positive wire for the battery ( i fixed it today )

to the best of my knowledge i have tried to check for power in each wire accordingly

the 15 amp fuse in the power cable by the battery is not blown . i checked twice.

i have power at the relay on the right and left side

black/white / green/white on ignition switch all register voltage

i cant check continuity my multimeter doesnt have the option .. but i checked every wire i could find didnt find any broken or frayed .

as i said above .. it worked yesterday .

when i turn the key and hold the clutch to hit the starter it does nothing .. zip .. notta .. ziltch .. not even a click .

im out of ideas … iso opinions and things to check .

i have the service manual for it .. so if you explain what i need to check i will gladly look it up and try it .. its nice out i wanna go for a ride 🙁