Come on what happened Yamaha.

Now let me start with this every quad I have owned has been a Yamaha with the exception on a Honda 300ex that I got for next to nothing. All my Yamaha’s I have had were previously used machines and I would restore them to great shape and ride that would be a moto 4, 2 blasters, a Big Bear, and a Raptor and then I finally bought my 09 grizzly 550 brand new and I love this bike hell I have no complaints about any of them at all. They are extremely high quality and great. But what the heck happened to there off road division now a days. They have got to be giving up tons and tons of market to the likes of Polaris and Can-Am hell even Kawasaki. Nothing new no innovation they barely update tweak or do anything to be more competitive in there segments. They build a new SxS the wolverine but only go half in on that nothing new nothing to even make new people to say hey look at that Wolverine that thing is awesome. They slightly tweak the grizzly for 2015 by changing the A arms shocks and changing the head. I don’t know where this out pouring of a rant is coming from. All I know I went to 4 different local power sports dealers all deal in yamaha and a few other brands 1 large 2 big and 1 medium sized dealers . they have nothing for Yamahas. NOTHING. not a single accessory barely anything on the showroom floor next to nothing. I asked a dealer if they had a rear bumper for my grizzly and they said they don’t stock anything for Yamaha’s off road division anymore theyll order it though not even a single quad. I asked another dealer to show me a new 2015 grizzly 700 and they say let me show you the can am first. Another one has an entire wall of sportsman and rzr and ranger accessories and about 30 or 40 polaris on the floor and 6 Yamaha’s. I know some of this is bad or selfish dealers/ salesmen but a large part is Yamaha not doing anything new and exciting, innovative or revolutionary. I want that I want to walk into my dealer and walk out with a set of bumpers or this or that and not wait 2 weeks to get it. I want my brand to be a topic again and not just amongst us the enthusiasts I want people to say hey look at that Grizzly! That thing is bad a$$. I’m not jumping ship……..yet I just want something new and actually exciting and to feel like my brand is relevant. End Rant