Clutch sounds like it’s got a bag of marbles in it

I was out having a great time in Windrock. Told Travis ‘race ya to the creek’ and let him go first. Was hot on his heels and as he went wide in a corner I took the inside. Off trail, but rideable. Was hammering the bike it’s true and it was rough as can be, but the suspension was soaking it up and the bike felt like it was on rails. Made a clean pass and left him eating my dust. 😀

Shortly thereafter it started making a horrible noise. I stopped, looked for something caught in the tires, axles, etc. Nothing.

Traced it to the clutch. Sounds like someone poured a bag of marbles in there. Horrible sounding. It functions just fine, sounds horrible.

Limped it to the creek, hung out a bit, decided that rather than risk more damage we’d drag it home.

Since we were on the backside of Windrock, this was no easy task. Dragged it a ways, but this was a heck of a task for the other outlander, these things are heavy.

So we gave up, fired it up and drove real slow all the way back to camp.

It works just fine, just the sounds coming from under the cover are not anything you’d want your bike making.

No swivel in my toolkit and BRP has made accessing the clutch on these about impossible even with a swivel. So I loaded it up on the trailer.

I’m thinking one of two things. Either the belt is breaking and has frayed and is slapping the cover with the fray or one of the flywheight bolts has come out and is rattling around in there.

FYI this is a VforceJohn primary, stock secondary and Mav belt, with all of about 100 miles on them.

Whatcha think I’m gonna find when I pull the cover off?