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Finished my build

Well, i have read a lot on this forum on what people think of there cars and i appreciated the bits and pieces of info i collected while i put together my vehicle.

I figured i would share my pics of how my car turned out and add any info i can to the community of what i know and what i did.

I got the car from my best friend. He has 2 cars a 900xp-4 and a 1000xp-4. He didn’t want this one any more due to it taking up room and made me a offer i couldn’t refuse. My rzr stays out at the colorado river and use it primarily for getting around the mobile home park and putting the jetskiis in the water, however i wanted to be able to pick up and go out on a ride when the group wanted to head out.

My background is off-road racing. I was full time in the sport for 5 years till i decided to make a career change. I was a crew chief and we fielded 2 trophy trucks as well as 2 class 1 cars, in both bitd and score. I was fortunate enough to co-drive in several races. I always had a special spot in my heart for the utv’s ever since the rhino. I could relate more to them because they were more on my level of something i could afford and own. Owning and working for someone with a race team is two entirely different things for sure.

My objective with this build was to make the "s" ride as nice as the bigger cars. I knew right out of the box that the "s" has tons of potential with the fox shocks but they needed to be reworked. The podium x shocks just are not that great out of the box when it comes to desert style driving.

I did do a full rebuild on the shocks and did a full revalve on all 4. I did install the fox rzr "s" dual rate springs. The car is a completely different animal, and i am very happy with the results. If you own a "s" with out a doubt spend the money and wake your suspension up.

I wasn’t to sure if i was going to post up info, however if i would help someone with there build i figure it would be worth my time to post up my results and pics.

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better ride

Which model has the good shocks & power steering?
Or what year to look for? I’m thinking the 800 (S) is going to be in the right price point.
I don’t know which yrs had the podium shocks or if those are the good ones?
I’m looking for best ride quality I can get. I can’t swing(afford) a new machine and an 800s would do all we need (currently have an old rhino) . I’m trying to search but can’t figure it out.

900 Rear Fender on 2014 and Earlier

So I know the 2014 and older 900 rear fenders won’t go on the 2014 and earlier 800 and 800s because of how they are integrated into the old 900 rear bed. However, I was looking in the parts look up and I see that the 2015/16 900 rear fenders are very similar to the 2014 and earlier 800 an 800s. So, my question is, has anyone tried to put the wider 2015/16 900 rear fenders on the older 2014 and earlier 800(s) successfully? Even if it required a little modification? Just curious… I put the larger 900 fenders on the front of my 800s but am looking for something that looks good/factory for the rear. Thanks guys!

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RacerTech tree kicker Rzr 900xp on a 2014 Rzr 800S

I was hoping someone could help me with this. I really like the Racertech tree kickers that are for the Rzr 900 xp was wondering if anyone has installed them on a Rzr 800 like this picture? Of so how hard would it be? Tried to ask Racer Tech but no answer. I know it can be done with cutting a hole in the plastic. But I know the Rzr 900xp is 108" long compared to the Rzr 800 Which is 104". Anyo m e with any info would be appreciated.

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