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How fast is a 900???

The group I ride with likes to race, always has, and I have been wondering how the 900 trail stands up. Well we finally got together and done some racing. The RZR it is racing is a brand new Highlifter 1000 bone stock. The 900 has no performance mods (yet) unless you count a snorkel. The 900 is also on 28 inch tires and lifted with bumpers and a winch (which the HL has too). See what yall think.

Also if anybody was wondering, I have been a lot, what a trail will do against a fourwheeler. This is the same 900 against a far from stock Brute Force 750 it is on 30s btw.

Wheel spacers

Hi, looking to add some wheel spacers on our 50" RZR for a little more stability? Was thinking at least 1 1/2 or 2" spacers.
Any suggestions?

We haul or RZR in the back of our long box F250. I know we’ll have to crawl up over the wheel wells,but after the rocks we’ve crawled over that should be no problem.

Thanks for any input 38td

Carls 2.0 fox shocks

Just bit the bullet and bought carls shocks for the rzr. I’m super excited about really getting to enjoy the abilities of this machine. I feel it’s a shame that poalris sells these machines with shocks made for a power wheels. Anyone else run these shocks and have good or bad reviews about them?

Clearing codes

The wire from my speed sensor came unplugged.
I’m assuming that’s what caused the trouble codes that relate to the speed sensor.
I plugged it back in but the codes don’t go away.
Should they clear on their own when the problem is fixed or do I need to clear them?
Do I need the digital wrench to clear them or can I do it without?
If so, how?
2015 900 trail


Hello I’m new and have some questions. I’m looking at a 900 eps trail silver turbo 2016. Is the eps needed? Are the 50" 900’s as capable as a 60"? Suspension better or the same?