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HIGH Altitude riding – Rockies

So I recently moved from Minnesota to Colorado and gotta say the riding out here is unbelievable. Steep, Rocky and technical so makes for fun and challenging riding. I have several questions for riding at high altitude.

1- really down on power at 10-13K feet compared to sea level. I have a 2010 and 2014 850 XP’s. I have 26 and 27 inch tires on the machines and also have an EPI clutch on the 2010 as well as an aftermarket exhaust ( swamp series exhaust ) and the 2014 is very stock except for QSC clutch and 26 inch tires ( Kenda Bearclaw HTR II) .

2 – right gas to use ? 91, 87 or 85 octane ??

3- gas additives to deal with all the ethanol is this colorado fuel ??

4 Octane booster of ANY value ?

5 – Air Filters ? Any value at altitude ?

6 – 2014 850 XP – I installed a QSC clutch from Ryan in MN, great guy… I got a little stiffer spring and lightened up the keys to 57.5 Grams and it seems to be more responsive.

7 – Sparkplugs – I am running the laser NGK in both machines.

Any help from all you high altitude riders is greatly appreciated.

520 194 CEL code

I got this code at the end of the summer after the last riding trip for the weather. I adjusted the cable and it was fixed….been riding around my property….maybe a few miles put on it. Light/CEL is back. I took the cover off and it appeared the cable wasn’t much out of adjustment if any….I adjusted it however it seemed to make it worse…..choppy idle. Before hand it would only get choppy if you let it idle for awhile to warm up. So I backed off the adjustment then it went away and didn’t come back. I feel like I actually widened the gap some after backing off the adjustment so I’m not sure why the CEL disappeared. When it was showing up….if I gave it some throttle it would disappear right away and not come back until it idled for awhile.

I did some reading on this CEL…..Should I see if it comes back? Take it to the dealer even though from what I read they won’t fix it as they don’t know what to do to fix it properly? Will the dealer upgrade the TPS and harness to a 2014+ as I have read that is the fix? Or do the bypass that I have seen quite a few doing on here with the zip tie?

Anyone have a link to how to properly adjust the throttle cable? I believe its to be 1 or 2mm gap correct?

Has anyone purchased an Eagle Plow front mount this year?

I bought one two years ago but broke my mount and had to order a new one. The one I got back is much larger and a slightly different design. It’s the correct part number though.

My previous mount had two bolts up front and two u bolts on the frame and I was able to install and take off within two minutes. Now, you can’t use an impact or socket for the U bolt nuts. I’ll take a pic later.

Until then, if anyone else has the mount with the U bolt nuts covered so that you can’t get at them, any tips? It’s extremely frustrating.

Fuel gauge issue

I need help. My 2014 850 XP fuel gauge is showing empty but the tank is full. Is there an easy fix I can do at Hm or do I gotta take it to dealer? I got the extended warranty if this would be covered under it.

Thanks in advance.

Anyone run “Factory Spec” air filters ?

I thought I was getting a good deal on some OEM filters and bought three of them on eBay, but I missed the part in the description where it said "replaces" OEM part # 7080595… So I now have three filters built by a company apparently called "Factory Spec" that I’m not sure if I dare run them or not…
Anyone run these ? I just can’t convince myself to put them in my bikes…