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2009 rzr 800 overheating problem

Hi, I bought an 09 rzr 800 this fall and every time I take it out for a ride If the motor is up to temp and I sit at idle for any amount of time it starts flashing engine hot but once I start moving again it will cool back down not noticing any coolant use or loss. Could it be a thermostat issue I have read that they had a problem but wasn’t real sure exactly what to do. Note I have bled the system multiple times over and over and the radiator is clean and fan does work. Any info would be great thanks!

2015 front differential

I have a 2015 Polaris xp 1000. Hit a rock going a little too fast on the front skid plate right where the front differential mounts. Need to replace the gear case and from my understanding it comes out through the front where the radiator is. I have everything taken apart, however it’s not clearing the roll cage where the radiator sits as it’s still connected to the drive shaft. I’ve tried gently prying it off the drive shaft – no luck. Anyone have experience with this or recommedations? Thanks.

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Updated Smartphone Feedback Thread

We’re pleased to announce that we have launched a new smartphone view on the site, in addition to the recently added mobile view in the last upgrade. This version has been designed to have a cleaner look, to fit really nicely into mobile (iPhone, Android) browsers, and unlike most normal web based skins will also include features that are normally reserved for desktop or phone applications. We built this as we realize you all spend more time today on your phones on the forum than you did 2 years ago, and we want to get the mobile view to a place where you can do everything (and more!) that you can do on desktop.

A few notes as I know many of you may have questions:

* This does not replace the free or paid in-apps that you have, such as any mobile apps. This is web-only.
* This new skin will only show when you access the site from a modern (Android 4+, iPhone) phone. It will not show for older phones or for tablets, blackberries or windows phones.
* Please give us some time as we work through bugs. Give it a try, give us feedback in our mobile thread url, and give it a chance. Every change needs time to get used to!​

If you visit the site from your mobile phone, you’ll get the new view automatically. You can login, post, reply, upload photos, view your private messages and more. You can also use the legacy mobile view by choosing the top left menu and Exit Enhanced Mobile Mode.

The feedback thread for any bugs, etc, please post below.

**Please let use know the device, software version, and browser being used if reporting any issues.