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could a bad batt couse problems 4×4 rzr 800

o have a 2008 rzr 800 and when I start it it seams to start slow but always starts. for the first 30 mins or so the gear indicator does not show up then after awhile it stars working and 4×4 starts to work. is this a wire problem or bad batt. cause almost seams as the batt slowly charges and becomes stronger all starts to work fine. im planning on a new batt over all but just curious if anyone out there has come across this problem before with a batt being the problem that 4×4 would not work. thanks for any replys or advise on this post.

900 big bore parts? E85? what cams? Your setup?

So iam starting to build a 975 big bore. I got a cylinder works big bore "I know" it was free. Using offset Carrillo rods, cams, ported head, bored throttle body’s, valves springs ect. I have a intake and alba slip on. Clutching to come. It’s mostly going to be used on mx tracks and gncc. Now to see what other people are doing for the best cam setup fuel. E85? And anything else?
1 what cams with this setup alba stage 2 or 3? No crazy wot runs like dessert.

2 anyone see any advantage of running e85 in a n/a 10.5:1 motor that outweighs the cost to upgrade the fuel system.

3 anyone milling the heads or cylinder to boost the compression without having to buy new pistons if so do you have timing chain slack Issues?

Cant reach max speed

I have a 2015 rzr 900s and I am only able to reach about 60-65ish. I had this problem before and finally figured it out and my home dealer had to completely replace the primary clutch and when I got It home it ran great and reached the max speed of 72mph no problem. But this last weekend my buddy and I went out riding in the snow a bit and we were messing around and he has the same rzr and he blew me away. It has power just seems at about 50 it looses it and doesn’t want to go much faster than 60 but the rpms are still hitting the 8000 something range. Could it be my clutch again? Thought it could of been wet belt or something but put it inside heated shop all night to dry and same thing the next day. Any thoughts? Thanks

Clutch vs Tire Size (Hunterworks Opinion?)

With all the questions of "which size tires should/can I run run on my rig" I was wondering what Todd’s experience at Hunterworks has been with regard to tire size induced clutch issues on 570/800/900/1000 etc?

So Todd, in your experience what sizes larger than stock on which models begin to create issues where the clutch should be addressed? I know some people treat their rides differently, but there has to be a tire-sized induced problem in general. Diameter, width, weight?


U joint grease and All season grease

So I purchased both types of grease for my 2016 XP1000. I went out to do the actual job and see that the ujoint grease is black while the all season is purple. On my XP the grease on the ujoints (not actually the ujoint,the slip yoke) is purple from the factory. So what is the real story? What grease should I really be using on the ujoints?