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Will any automotive balljoints work on sportsman 550?

Hey guys, I was just wandering, are there any ball joints for cars or trucks that will work on a 2013 sportsman 550. The local dealership wants $70 for one! I cam order all balls balljoints for $30 but I kind of need it this weekend. I was hoping maybe someone has already looked into this, and there would be a crossover that I could pick up at Autozone.

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wierd brakes

suddenly on my 550xp I’m having a weird brake issue. After the machine has sit over night the brake leaver first pull is real soft. After that they work normally. I find no signs of leaks and have never opened the brake system. I dont understand whats happening.

Will this fit a scrambler?

Im looking for a mild lift for my scrambler 1000 and want to keep it a bracket lift or a-arm lift and came across this bracket lift for a very reasonable price. Only thing is it states it fits the sportsman 550/850xp 2010 and up. I know the sportsman ans scramblers are very similar and the scramblers have no differences between the 850 and the 1000. So would this kit work on a 2015 scrambler 1000? I sent them an email but havn’t got a response yet.

Polaris Sportsman 550/850 XP Lift Kit

2000 Polaris sportsman hand brake lever

So I made a bonehead move and when I was tightening the lever bracket to the Handelbar, I went too tight and it broke… On the master brake lever side 🙁 so I’m assuming I need to replace the entire master cylinder and lever? Or can I just replace the part that the resivore screws onto.

Any help would be appreciated!

sportsman 450 ho battery

Hello Polaris peps,
Question? I have had my quad for a month and love machine, one problem. When I use the Winch for any prolonged time, kills the bike. Was told polaris is utilizing old batteries in new machines. Anyway, is investing in a new a good idea? On a tender now, we’ll see tomorrow, aggravating! Any input is welcome.