Broken winch unknown spring part

I have a 2007 sportsman 500 with the dump body. It came with a Polaris labeled 2500 winch. One day the winch would not turn. There was power to the electric motor but the barrel was not spinning. After taking it apart I found that there was a gear that was in the electric motor side that spins the barrel that had two of its posts broken off. It was also a Silver dollar sized spring that was also snapped. I have checked with the local dealer and with Polaris and no one can tell me what the spring does or show me how to purchase a replacement. I ordered a new gear and put it back together and it seems to be working fine. I have searched many part listings and part diagrams and have been in contact with Polaris and no one can seem to tell me what this function of the spring is or how to buy a new one. Has anyone had to deal with this issue? Enclosed are some photos of the spring. Again it appears that the winch is working fine and it will retract and come out and also free spools. There was also no part numbers on this winch at all and I believe it was a foreign made wench that had a Polaris sticker put on it.

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