Best mounts for GoPro & XP1K Post some vids & pic’s too.

Just where is the best place you found to mount the GoPro on the XP’s ?

What are the best mounts to buy and where do we get them? (links)

Show us some of your best videos from your XP outings.

HI everyone, I just got a Gopro hero 4 silver as a early Birthday present to use with our XP1K-4 .Not that it ever runs though! lol
I’m still working on that part but that is a different topic! :rofl3:

We would really like some insight on this as we don’t want it falling off somewhere in Glamis. We would like to see what everyone is doing with this setup too by posting some of your best GoPro work. This could be a fun thread and very helpful so the new GoPro users like us don’t make all of the rookie mistakes we will face. Thanks everyone and lets see what you have to offer.