Best exhaust and tuner Renegade 1000

Hey guys new to the forum, as well as the g2 1000s. Just picked up a ’13 Renegade 1000 with QSC/STM clutches, HMF swamp series slipon, snorkels and 28" silverbacks. The quad rips good as is but I still want more. I’m not having any luck searching for the absolute top of the line full exhaust for these machines in terms of power. I dont care what the exhaust looks or sounds like, I want whatever has the best hp gains along with a tuner. Thats the other thing, what is the best tuner a guy can get that is more or less plug and play? I understand there is those tune monsters or w/e they’re called but I’m not a professional tuner and seems a bit over priced for someone who cant use it to its full potential. I tried searching on the forums but seems like there is just so many options out there and its hard to say whats the best.