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Threw this out a while back but kinda confused. Is it true that if I leave my quad running in gear for a while, it’s wearing out the clutch? Always clearing trails n really easy to hop off n do some chopping, so, any input from you all would be awesome. If it’s a matter of throwing it in neutral, no prob! Just asking!

extended warranty

I’ve asked before n asking again! I have no problem turning a wrench, love working on all my Toy’s, my question is, I have a 2016 450ho and I’m going on 4 months. I know Polaris makes a great quad and see a lot of older machines doing great. My window for the factory extended warranty is creeping closer. Is the 700-1200 price worth it? Would buy lots of parts. BUT, it’s a new machine and peace of mind is great too. Any opinions or experiences with the warranty would be appreciated!


Have a question for ya? This is my first automatic Quad, love it by the way, but heard leaving it idle in gear, high, is bad for the clutch, true or false? Tend to our trails and get off machine a lot and don’t want to damage anything, warranty is just about done! Any input would be awesome!

Winter Fun

Went for a putt few days ago and it was awesome! Weather was great with 4-8 inches of fresh snow, very cool. Really like the ruggedness and performance of this Quad. Been kindly named the, "Tow Truck"! My Buddy has a wolverine 450 4×4, nice Quad, and Fourtrax 450 also, I usually ride last incase either one gets stuck. Trails we ride are very tight and misleading with a lot of water crossings. All Good, plus I carry the straps n winch. Priced used machines before I bought mine and glad I paid a bit more for mine. Getting frigid up here and be fun down there this weekend. Another day of winter fun!

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