Anyone know how to fix title issues?

Just bought an 03 Recon 250 from a neighbor. Said he had a clean title, but no, he didn’t. Of course I find this out after the check cashed. The title has the original owner’s info on it when he bought it in 2003, and my neighbor’s grandad filled out the back in 2008, but he never bothered to get a new title.

Here’s what my local (Maryland) MVA said. Either I:

1. Contact the ORIGINAL buyer (again, who sold it 7 years ago) and get him to apply for a new title, then sign over to me, or

2. Get grandpa to go the MVA, pay 100 for the new title, then sign it over to me. Unlikely he’ll be willing.

I know I don’t NEED a title, but I like having it because if I ever need to liquidate vehicles it just makes it easier. Also, despite this annoyance, my neighbor is a good guy and weekend beer buddy. Any suggestions on how to get one on my own?