Another tire question, sorry!

My wife has a 2013 LE 570 that has a 2" High Lifter kit and we removed the sway bars. We currently have 26" MudLites on the 570, but are looking at temporarily replacing the tires when we leave Alaska this fall for a multi- Western states tour. We have way to much time on muddy Alaskan trails and are looking forward to some dryer riding.

We are in our mid 60’s and have had enough ATV thrills during years of hunting trips. So, I am thinking about getting some tires that are all the same size, maybe some Big Horn original 26x9x12 tires with a spare. We want to be able to ride 50" trails. We travel slow and just want to see some new country. Or should I just go with the MudLites I have since we won’t be using the tires forever?

I appreciate opinions guys.