Alternative Air Filter for 800/800s maybe others.

This was brought up in a few other threads that I found, but no real pictures that i could dig up, so i figured what the heck, a Fram air filter #8805 is $12.00 at wally world…..

Here are a few pics of the "install" (like it takes a rocket surgeon).

Stock filter compared to FRAM 8805

i took the stock black ring around the inlet of the stock filter off.

I took the ring off and flipped it so that the wider flat side was against the filter, put just a small dab of silicone to keep it in place.

here it is installed in the Fram 8805

After the black ring stays in place all you have to do is slide it on the same way that the stock filter goes on. the black ring makes a stop for the filter other wise it can slide past the groove on the intake tube. here’s the end result.

hope this helps anyone looking for a good alternative to the factory filter. Not sure what other models this will work on, but mine is a 2010 RZR 50" for reference.