A-Arm Info

So while researching lifts for my ’15 570, I found nobody makes jack sh!t for it.
BUT I did some research and found that the arms are the same as previous models and people do make lifts and arched arms for those.

Here’s what I got so far from the Polaris parts catalogs.

2202906=’15 570, front a-arm LH
1017747-067=’15 570, upper rear LH
1015888-067=’15 570, lower rear LH

2202906=’12 800, front a-arm LH
1017747-067=’12 800, upper rear LH
1015888-067=’12 800 lower rear LH

2202906=’08 500, front a-arm LH
1014320-067=’08 500, upper rear LH
1015888-067=’08 500, lower rear LH

So it looks like everything is the same except the upper rear arm on the ’10 and older models. BUT everything is the same on ’11 and up models.

I couldn’t find anybody that makes a big lift, that isn’t a one off custom lift, for the ’11 and up models. It does look like SuperATV offers arched front A-Arms for all value line Sportsmans, including 570s, 2005 and up.

Polaris Sportsman 500/700/800 High Clearance Forward Offset A-Arms (1.5 Inch) : Polaris : Sportsman / ATV : A-Arms

I’m gonna buy some next month and will report back.