92 Trail Boss 250 crank seal installation direction question

Hello all, I’m new to form. I have a question regarding the clutch side crank seal for a 92 trail boss 250. The other day my sons trail boss locked up, turns out the inner clutch cover rubber sealing ring came off and wrapped around clutch locking up the motor. I popped clutch off and removed old sealing ring and engine turns over freely again. I’m currently trying to locate a new one as its not available through Polaris. While I was in there, I noticed the crank seal seems to be installed backwards? When looking at the seal, I can see the spring that adds tension to the sealing lip of seal. On all other crank seals I’ve ever done, the side of seal with the spring always went in towards the bearings. Does Polaris want the seal installed backwards, or has someone previously installed seal backwards? I downloaded a service manual, but had no luck finding info. We just bought the Quad a few months ago from the original owner that was a older gentleman who always keep the machine inside and barely rode it. For a 1992, I was amazed at the condition of machine. When we purchased it, you could have latterly sat the quad in the showroom of a dealer and thought it was a dealer demo. The original owner doesn’t remember having any service work done on the crank seal, but did say he had a problem with the same inner clutch cover sealing ring coming off and wrapping around clutch years ago. It turns out the newer models have a retaining ring/plate that holds sealing ring in place. Unfortunately the 92 doesn’t have the bolt holes in case to just add the newer retaining ring, so I guess I will have to fab something up there. Any help with crank seal direction is greatly appreciated.
Thank you……..