87 trx250x wont stay running.

I left my 87 Trx250x out In a light rain and at first it wouldn’t start at all then I replaced the plug n cleaned the carb thinking it was from my last ride cuz I did ride her hard, but after the plug and carb cleaning it was backfiring at idle did some carb adjustment and cleaned it religiously then It was high reving right when it started, I mean really high rpms. Messed with the carb more and more got it to idle good but any gas and It would backfire. Took it down the block within 100ft it died n wouldn’t start. Pulled off the valve cover adjusted the valves and checked the timing and put it all back together, started it in the morning and not it won’t stay running. Started up and sound like a good start but just dies out by the next breath. It’s got clean gas new plug new air filter. It’s getting gas air spark and seems to be in time so I’m thinking it’s electrical. Stator cdi rectifier? Two of the terminals on my stator are black but idk if those two should be or not. They may just be wrapped in a black material. Idk let me know what you guys think, I don’t just want to throw parts at it and that not be my problem.