650 xmr clutch kit

hey fellow xmr owners,,i pick my new 650 xmr up this Friday and im stoked,, I know its not the 800 shorty but im coming from a 2013 brute force with clutch kit,pipe and all the goodies,and I couldn’t be happier buying this entry level mud monster,,i wont be harcore mudding,buy I bought it cause its literslly done up from factory(except winch)..so iv been researching and even tho they opush out the 62 hp they don’t have that bottom end im probly used to so what clutch kit really wakes these 650s up bottom end,,im in Canada too so that might limit ordering,,im looking for a kit that makes use of all 62 hp down low and really puts power to the ground,,thnx again and ill post sum pics up friday:th_smiliedance: