500 rebuild

After a tough week at an event in Croatia last year where I wrecked the frame I decided to rebuild my SP 500 on to a new frame.

I also had a hard time with mud in the rad and overheating which I wanted to try and address.

The only other problem I had was charging and battery life. We did a lot of winching everyday and the bike’s system simply can’t cope.

So, after 10 months thinking about it I finally stripped the bike and began the re-designed rebuild.

Along with the main frame, the front frame was also twisted so needed replaced. I decided to make the replacement myself which would also allow me to make other changes along the way.

So the list as I began stood at:

Rad relocate
Winch upgrade and relocate
Front storage mods
Auxiliary battery
LED lights throughout
General tidy up/repaint of parts

He goes nothing!