400ex with wrong dowels for cam

So I rebuilt this 02 400ex for my son to ride. At the same time I was rebuilding a friends yfz450.

I finished the 400ex a few weeks ago, test rode it at a local (illegal) spot for a few hours found an oil leak. Fixed it, did another few hours at the local spot, didnt notice any other issues. Last Saturday took it to the place I have a trail riding permit too, almost 2 hours away, and my son rode it through all the gears no issues for 6 hours.

Last night I was finishing up on the yfz450 and in the parts bag for that I found two dowels. I somehow though hmmm wonder if these were for the cam on the 400. I looked up a pic of the dowels for the 400ex cam and saw that I was correct and the ones I put in there are different. Same size in diameter they fit fine but they are more of the thin walled type and the correct ones are thicker.

I am supposed to take my son out tomorrow for another day of riding and am wondering if you all would just let it go with the wrong dowels for 5-6 more hours of riding.

I would just swap in tonight but need to order a new gasket unless I use yamabond. I would prefer to use a new gasket. Would you ride like this? Its been run close to 10 hours with the wrong dowels already.

By the way I did the 416 big bore kit and not sure there is much difference in power. The cylinder was out of spec and needed to be bored or re-sleeved or I would have left it alone.

I always think I go too long on these post and never get responses, so