27″ or 28″ Outlaw Radials for 2015 Renegade 1000

hello, new to the forum, just purchased my 2015 renegade about 2 weeks ago, and absolutely love it!!! one of the first mods i want to do is change the tires.

i know i want outlaw radials but can’t make a decision on the 27s or the 28s.

i don’t want to add any kind of lifts, or spacers and don’t want to have to trim my fenders and don’t want any kind of rubbing from the tires

I’ve done some research and some people say 28s will fit with no rub issues or lifts, others say they have to either trimmed the fenders or use a heat gun to push them forward

i want the 28s but if they can’t fit without any other mods or rub issues then i will have to settle for 27s.

does anyone know for sure that 28s will fit with no issues???

also if anyone has any pics please post i would love to see how they look!