250 Trailboss wont start…sometimes

I recently took a Trailboss on a trade with a buddy of mine, he’s had it for a while and he’s always had troubles starting it, aaaand now it’s become my problem lol

It’s a ’98 250 Trailboss, automatic, 2WD, the battery is no good so I’ve been using the pull start. It used to start up no problem, but once in a blue moon, you could try pull starting it for an hour and nothing. Well the problem seems to be getting worse, in the last week I’ve only had it running twice.

But sometimes it fires up perfect, it sat outside overnight for 13 hours, and started up fine on the first pull without the choke, and then an hour later, I couldn’t get it started.

It sounds like it’s pulling over fine, I replaced the sparkplug, the old one was wet when I took it out so it seems to be getting it’s fuel.

So to recap:
Pull start only
Sometimes fires up on the first pull and runs A+
Most of the time it wont fire up.

Wheelers aren’t exactly my expertise, I’m more of a car and truck guy, so I’m a rookie when it comes to working on wheelers lol