2013 polaris sportsman 400 axle removale

Hi everyone, I have a 2013 sportaman 400. I have it built up for mudding. 27"x9x12 mega mayhems, wildboaratv rad relocation kit, home made snork (done the right way). I have not yet backed up the axles but that time as come and I busted up my back axles and my fronts a week before that. So right now I’m sitting with my quad on jacks and can not drive. I have ordere rhino axles for the rear but we’re out of stock for the front. I could really use the help on getting my axles out. I heard you just push and pull hard and it should pop out but that won’t work now because the upper CVs are just a shell now and the axles will not go back in. Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks Reid.