2012 1000 XT Rebuild Project


I started my search for a new ATV about 3 months ago! I was very specific in what I wanted… Can Am Outlander 1000 XT… And it must be in decent condition for a good price!!! More importantly, did I say it must be at a good price?

I searched many local dealers and while the first price point seemed high, they charged insane fees for maintenance and tax ($2k+ above asking price). Therefore, I started focusing on private party sales.

Low and behold, I found a camo Outlander that seemed perfect… The price was right and it needed a little TLC… Ok, a lot of TLC. Still very good bones!

I drove 3 hours down to AL go pick it up on a Sunday! I was extremely excited to see that it was actually in better condition than I thought it would be from the pictures… I knew I’d be sinking a few grand into it to get it back to top shape… At the price point, I knew it had been mudded / submerged… One look under the hood confirmed it.

Anyway, below are a few pictures the individual sent to me as it stood day one… More to come!