2008 Sportsman 500 Fan won’t come on and overheats

Hi All,

I have read a few other posts about this issue but can’t quite figure it out.

I just picked my ATV up and it has been dealer serviced about a month ago.

After riding my ATV around for about 10 minutes the "HOT check engine" light came on. When it came on I stopped and checked and the fan was not on. The engine was also very hot. So I’m assuming the engine is overheating because the fan is not coming on.

I have seen some posts about unplugging the sensor or the thermostat and seeing if the fan came on. I couldn’t figure out which these two things were but I unplugged a couple things on the left side of the engine one at a time but the fan didn’t come on. Not sure what I was unplugging though.

Can anyone help me troubleshoot this and figure out what is really going on?

I heard some people saying you can put 12 volts directly to the fan to see if it works? I’ve read a lot about this but I’m sort of hoping for an explicit explanation of what I can do.

Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :slomo:

Here is a pic of the left side of my engine: Imgur