2007 sportsman 500 efi problems

Hey guys I’m new to this forum and just wondering if someone has ever had the symptoms I’ve been experiencing. Or at least Point me in the right direction on the forum

The problem: while riding the quad about a month ago we rode for approximately 5 hrs and stopped for a break…during that 5 hrs everything was running perfect until we went to leave from our break. The quad started but shortly after (30 seconds) it randomly shut off. We couldn’t get it started again so we towed it home. The next day I was able to start it again but I could only Rev up to approx 3/4 throttle where it would bog out and die. I now can not fire it up again…everything on the cluster functions as it should and it still turns over no problem..I have checked the spark and it has healthy spark…also verified that the fuel pump was operating and it was. I then pulled the flash codes which turned up
41 air temp sensor high voltage
22 tps low/high
44 cps circuit fault
47 iac stepper motor open load/short to ground

I then verified that all the sensors were good which all of them tested OK…also checked the common areas where wiring problems occur and visually looked ok…checked the wiring for continuity to all the sensors which again checked out ok

Is there anything I’ve missed Right now I’m leaning towards a faulty ecm. Not sure if this is common or not and keep in mind that this quad has about 13000km on it too

Any help would be appreciated
THANKS in advance