2006 Predator 90CC Will not stay running

I bought a 90cc for predator for my kids a couple of years ago when they were a little to small to ride it. It ran fine then other than it had a short that would drain the battery. But would kick start after a few attempts when I did start it. I put it in storage for about 9 months and recently got it out so the kids could start riding it.
After I brought it home it started right up and ran great for about 45 minutes. It then started running rough and smoking a little after about 15 more minutes it died. I took it home changed the spark plug and it started up but didn’t run well. The next day I started it up and had my wife run it up and down the street for a while to see if it would clean it out. It ran fine for about 15 minutes then died and would not start again. I changed the spark plug again and it didn’t help this time. I went to the polaris dealer and bought some fuel additive and more spark plugs. When I got home it started right up and I added the additive to the fuel tank. once again I had my wife ride it up and down the road for about 15 minutes and then it died again. I put it up and waited until the next day and tried to start it but this time it wouldn’t start. I took the carburetor off and took it apart then soaked it over night in carburetor cleaner put it back together and it still won’t start.
When I try to kick start it fuel comes out of the bottom of the carburetor. It done this before I took it apart. Is this common? should I get a new carburetor? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,