2005 Scrambler won’t start, can’t use pull start

Thanks again for getting me past one set of items folks, looks like a new one has come up…

After my last round of issues: http://www.polarisatvforums.com/foru…-500-ho-2.html

I put in all new fluids, put in a new K&M air filter and this thing ran amazing yesterday for 3.5 to 4 hours…. zero issues… Towards the end of the day, we stopped to take in a view and I noticed that my quad wouldn’t start with the ignition, so I had to pull start it, seemed to work fine, went home.

This morning, it wouldn’t start at all, like the battery was dead, I couldn’t get it to start with a pull start either. Finally had a buddy hook it up to one of those jump start boxes and it got going, I made a mental note to put it on the trickle charger when I got back…

Ten minutes into my ride, I went through a section, caught up with my buddies and the quad just died on a flat section. Weird… Pull start, came on, kept going up a short uphill switch back, died… Pull start, came on, died shortly thereafter… Tried pulling again and it was dead tight, wouldn’t budge. My buddy went and got his starter, and even that didn’t work, just clicking sounds as the ignition tried to turn over.

Clicking tells me solenoid perhaps? What is the deal with the pull cord? I took it off and it spins freely, I looked at the bendix, it seems like it moves freely, but admittedly not sure what a new one moves like, never seen one before.

I did some research, even went as far as pulling the spark plug in case something was stuck… nothing.

Based on what I am seeing, do you folks have ideas? Do I replace the solenoid and the bendix? Anything else to look for?

Thanks for the help!