2002 400EX carb Help

So i finally got around to pulling the carb on my EX yesterday and oofta I don’t know when the last time the previous owner cleaned it was, or if he ever cleaned it at all. I mean hey it wasn’t horribly bad, but there was plenty dirt and gunk caked in there. I completely cleaned the outside of the carb thoroughly before I began disassembling to avoid furthur contamination on the inside (As anyone with a brain should do). So I have a few questions that i need you guys to help me out with before i put my parts order in. 1. is there a way i can check the condition of the Air Cutoff Valve without a hand vacuum pump tool like it recommends in the manual? I’m sure the valve is fine but i have to order new o-rings for it anyway so while it’s apart i figure I should try to test it out now rather than put it back in in non-working order. The Accelerator Pump is another think i disassembled and cleaned out thoroughly. These components are really the only things i’m worrying about a whole lot cuz i don’t know much about them(my previous machines didn’t have them) so please leave me your opinion cuz i’m already dumping $100 into this carb!! Shit adds up fast and man do they charge an arm and a leg for this shit!! Yes you read right $100!! all that just for the basics: Gasket set, O-rings, New Vacuum hoses and a fittings becuase the old hoses were cracked and the fittings busted on me when i was pulling the carb :icon_ cry: , also i’m ordering a new Pilot screw set just to play it safe and a new Main and Pilot Jet. all these are OEM and genuine KEihin parts so once it’s done i can sleep in peace at night knowing there’s good shit in there. So my second question is: what sizes of jets do you experts think sound good for this set up: All stock ’02 400EX except a current K&N air filter which will be thrown sooner than later hopefully for a UNI (better protection) so with that said my quad will be all stock except for a UNI air filter. I am getting a 42 Pilot because i’ve heard a lot of guys put them in even stock because it helps with cold starts anyway. and for the main i’m thinking a 152 or 155. stock is 38 Pilot and 148 Main so let me know what you guys think. BTW the stock jets were in the carb when i disassembled it and my elevation is 1175 feet roughly any reccommendations are welcome guys please help me out here.