2000 TRX350FE Rancher -remove driven pulley

I am having an issue with a driven pulley removal.
Its a 2000 350 rancher trx-fe 4×4 es.

I followed in the manual and I —
removed the engine from the frame
removed the recall starter

it says, "hold the recoil starter driven pulley using a screwdriver to scotch the thing" and loosen the bolt.

That sucker is on there very tight – I mean I cranked at 120 ft pounds 3′ long ratchet torque wrench and cant get it off.

I used an 3/4" impact with 17mm impact socket at 155LBS on compressor and nothing broke loose.

I used a breaker bar and a pvc pipe to get leverage and nothing broke loose.

Now i have been doing lefty loosy.

Is this thing opposite to get it off or –as in, turn to right to loosen? http://www.hondaatvforums.net/forums…ies2/blink.gif

I am 270 LBS and 6’3" and can bench at least 250lbs, this little boy is sweating trying to get it off.

any ideas appreciated as I don’t want to break this off in the crankshaft.

Just want to remove this side to change out the cam shaft and chain.

thanks again folks !!