1995 mid eccentric bearing ?

Hi All,
I have a 1995 sportsman 400 4×4.
Machine has about 1000 miles on it ,but I have no idea how much service the eccentrics received as far as greasing etc prior to me buying it.
Anyway,on a ride the other day we got into some sand and shortly there after i heard alot of noise from the frnt end (shrieking and grinding)
You could feel it in your feet ,which generally would mean it was caused by something fairly directly connected to the frame.
The noise would come up mostly in 4 with the wheels turned ,so I assumed it was being made worse by the torque of the locked front end.
I wasnt far from the truck so I put it back in 2 and drove the mile back .
In the shop today I noticed the front chain had considerable slop ,so I adjusted it ,and tested it in the yard,noise still there,came back to shop and found chain loose again.
But this time I could pull on the chain and see the mid eccentric shaft move about a 1/4 inch in the bearing.

Thoughts on bearing price?
Should i pull the whole eccentric and change both bearings?

So,,long story short,naturally this is a problem I’ll have to fix asap before using it again,but could I be missing the mark and should I be looking for other causes of this noise as well?
Does anyone else have experience with worn out eccentric bearings and is this a common issue and does it sound to you like this is fairly likely the cause?
Obviously Ill change the bearings and if the sound is gone,well no prob and im on my way.
Ujoints and wheel bearings are all fine,I checked them.

Thanks in advance for any help someone might be able to give me 🙂