08 TRX420FM Wiring Terminals

Found 2 Sumitomo HM090 terminals that are not used. Checked the wiring diagram and found that the black one is wired to IgnSW and Gnd, the white one is wired to IgnSw and main 30a fuse panel. Look at the diagram – they are next to the regulator/rectifier. These two then are only hot when ign is on. Thinking the white one should be for winch and black one for horn? The one by the RF fender is always hot, so am using it for 12v accessory plug. My concern is the 20-22ga wire going to a 10 amp fuse. It would be fine for GPS or cell phone, but what about a 1,000,000 candlepower spotlight? Going to try to attach a photo, they are on the right side with seat and panel removed..oh, the female is already in the terminal, just remove it and the silicone plugs. I am going to try to drill a hole in the silicone plugs and use them. I went to the Honda shop and a tech gave me the terminals.
Has anyone messed with these yet, or did you just scotchlock into a wire?

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