08 Big Bear 400 smoking at startup

Hi guys, I need help here. I have on 08 Big Bear 400, 4×4. It was showing signs of light smoke at start up. I knew it was going to need valve guide seals some day. My daughter rode it and sunk it in water pretty bad. The crankcase breather hose had come off and it filled the crank case with water. We towed back to the garage and drained everything. I changed the oil 3 times and the oils still has a hint of cream color to it. I cranked it up and it ran fine, road it down the road to mix up any remaining oil and then drained it again. I refilled it with oil and let it sit overnight. Cranked it up in the morning and now lots of gray/blue smoke for about 30 seconds then it’s fine. I checked the compression and it was 130 psi so I Pulled the head, replaced the valve guide seals, checked the valves for any damage, replaced the head gasket. Next morning same thing lots of smoke for 30 seconds or so. My knowledge tells me the only way oil can get into combustion area of the cylinder is through he valve seals. Maybe I installed the new ones wrong or one is defective? Ordered new seals and replaced them again, same issue the next morning, smokes like crazy for about 30 seconds then the 400 runs great. Is it possible that the head is cracked somewhere around the valves? Anybody got any ideas? Thanks