Xp1k voltage regulator homemade mount

My 2015 XPK HL, burned up VR. at 24 hr. and 204 miles, and 2 weeks outa warranty. I ordered new VR. part # from Polaris, and also decided to get VR. up a little higher, but also with wires coming out bottom not in thru hi side where moisture can find a way in. Also wanted to keep it where air flow from the tire would still be there, to cool it. Ok, this is what I got, Cheap, and Easy, may not be perfect, but I like it mounted on aluminum more then the plastic floor, Got a UTV inc. sway bar mount support kit (or Racer tech would do, and you guys are welcome for free advertising), and welded angle iron on it to attach an aluminum plate too, to mount VR on. I did drill a hole thru mount though to get a socket and ext. on upper sway bar bushing mount bolt, it is next to impossible to get a wrench or socket on that bolt, and have no idea how UTV inc expects you to tighten this bolt? I also think the aluminum will help act as a heat sync, and help cool it. Hope this helps anyone looking for an option on relocation of the VR.[IMG][IMG][/IMG][/IMG] VR mounting locations.[IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG]