XP1K rear tenders

I know this subject has been beat to death but…
My dad and I both the ’14 XP1K and he’s always complained about his actually being too stiff right from the dealer. We checked and double check settings and ride height and everything we could think of. I did the tender swap on my machine and of course it stiffens it a little but nothing like the rear on his. Finally after almost a year, I noticed the difference.

My machine as well as just about every other machine I’ve seen has 5 coils on the tender. Of course without the tender swap, the coils are bound up. Now I have a nice space between the coils. He always had a little space in his from the dealer but now they’re bound. I noticed his tender has 7 coils rather than the 5. I’m sure this explains the stiffness but I’m baffled where these springs came from. Mind you this is a stock machine! Anyone else have this? Where did these "stock" springs come from?