Well, there goes the neighborhood…


I figured I’ve lurked on the board long enough, I may as well join and try to contribute something. My name’s Brandon, and I like to get out in the woods. Conveniently enough, I live in Montana, where we have a lot of that.

I’m a big Polaris fan, but sadly I still have student loans to pay back, so a RZR wasn’t in the cards. I bought a CF Moto ZForce 600 EX last fall, it’s not the RZR 900 S that I really want, but it has been a pretty good machine, and it gets me out where I want to be.

I joined the forum here because:
1.) There’s a lot of off-road enthusiasts to talk to and
2.) There’s a whole section on modifying vehicles to accommodate a disability, which is great because I’ve got a neuromuscular disorder, so it’s nice be able to draw on other people’s ideas and experience in that regard.

Anyway, I look forward to talking to you all!