want to know about voltage regulators for rzr 1000

Old part – Polaris – 4014029 – REG-3PH,50A,SERIES,HISPD
New part – Polaris – 4015229 – REG-3PH,50A,SERIES,HISPD,TCAP
Aftermarket part – ricks motorsports – 10-564H – "hotshot mosfet"

Now for what I know "first hand", not hearsay. FYI my voltage regulator #4014029 has not failed nor has my machine thrown any codes that would indicate anything other than a steady within parameter voltage is being supplied. I have observed the volt gauge on many rides during different electrical loads. Volts will vary between 13.8 and 14.1 depending on what rpm and electrical load. While winching the volts have dropped to 11.5 before I let up to let voltage rise.

I ordered ricks aftermarket voltage regulator and today I installed it. All connectors are clean and di-electric grease was used on all connections. After install I ran the machine in garage for testing purposes. First run I did not apply any additional electrical load and the voltage varied between 13.9 and 14.4 volts. I allowed machine to run for approx. 5 min at variable rpm while monitoring the surface temperature of regulator. The regulator reached 220 degrees before I shut machine down. Second test I ran for same approx. time while under load of high beams, front light bar, rear lights, stealth 10 soundbar at half vol, and when rad fan came on volts dropped to 12.7 then right back to the normal 13.9- 14.4. The temperature still increased to 215 before I shut machine done this time. So at this point I went on a little 5 min test drive, upon return temp of regulator was 190 degrees. I don’t know where this info stands compared to original regulator as I didn’t measure temps prior to replacement. I only measured temps of aftermarket because it supposedly runs cooler. I assumed a hot temp to be 210 degrees as this is when the stock regulator will, I believe, shut itself down to keep from burning up. So not sure yet where I’m at on this. It doesn’t seem to regulate voltage as well as stocker, given that voltage dropped when fan cut on, 12.7 then right back to 14.2. Seems to get pretty hot, not sure how hot is too hot.

Now on to the newest polaris voltage regulator part # 4015229. I just found out that this regulator is now available. Very curious to know what improvements, if any where made to this part including what the TCAP stands for at the end of the product description. Would furthermore like to know from those running with this regulator how it holds up under electrical stress, heat, and the water which it is inevitably be exposed to.

I think I will be ordering the new polaris part # and installing it. I am just too curious not to.