TRX200/250 & rancher part out

I have an 85 TRX200 and 2 TRX250’s, the 250’s I haven’t really looked at to know years yet. If you need anything let me know, it may take a day or two to get the parts off as I usually have a shop full of atv’s to be fixed and will have to make room and bring them in with tractor.

I got them all this way so all electronics are unknown condition.

85 TRX200. most everything is there, already apart and in boxes. Engine needed rings and cam chain, already apart.

Late 80’s TRX250’s. mostly there. 1 missing rear diff, other missing axle. Engines complete but locked up from sitting with no spark plugs..

Rancher I believe is an 01, mostly complete, no axle and half of rear diff missing. Engine lower case has puncture holes in right side from being picked up with a grapple loader. :icon_ cry:

Also have 7-8 ATC200X carbs, recon 250 carb, multiple polaris carb bodies. 2003 polaris magnum 330 and 2001 sportsman 400 for parts.