Team Ducky 2015 race blog:

This weekend we raced Vorra at Prairie City Offroad park, just outside of Sacramento.
For some reason I thought the race was on Saturday and Tech Friday. I stayed up until 4am getting the car back together Thursday night with a fresh set up of Trailing arms A-arms (TeamHighLifter) and shocks (Bilsteins). I had to be back to the shop by 7. While at the shop I checked the website and saw that tech was on Sat and the race Sunday. Arggh
Went out for tech and practice Saturday. Mark MacDonald owner of DesertMoldingConcepts has spent a lot of time and money setting up our car with the right shock set up. DMC has supplied us with three different spring setups as well as recently revalving our DMC supplied Bilstein shocks. Why I don’t see more of these on UTV’s is a mystery to me, as they are the best shock I have ever driven on period. Practice went great. We lowered the car down to 11" of clearance. That along with the new spring and valving set up allowed our Polaris RZR XP1000 to stay flat through the sharp corners as well as the high speed sweepers. Even off of the big jumps it was landing like a trophy truck. I can’t thank the MacDonald’s enough for all of their support. Sunday was a good day of racing. Moto 1 found us in fourth place, just behind the XP1000 or Dennis Jean. Dennis brought out his new car and was running the stock suspension. He is a very good driver, having won the Vorra series many years in a row. On this day however the stock suspension had him all over the track, side to side, landing on one wheel or sometimes sideways. How he kept it on its wheels, I don’t know.
I was inches from his bumper every lap, but just couldn’t pull the trigger on the pass. I finished that moto in 4th place. The second moto I was able to get inside of him and work my way into 3rd place. The two race leaders had stage 2 kits on their cars and I couldn’t keep up, finishing in third. The third moto, I was pedal down through most of the track, (side note) if you have ever rolled your car through a turn as I have, you get a little pucker factor going, when at race speed through the same or similar turns. The third moto is when I finally trusted the new setup completely and was able to keep up with the two faster cars for half the race. Unfortunately for me I just didn’t have enough motor and or talent to stay with them. We finished 3rd on the day. Team Ducky’s next race is the Metal Cloak Stampede, put on by #Ultra4racing. Our Team Ducky Polaris will have the stage 2 upgrades by then. Now if only I could borrow some talent for the weekend.

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