Safety concern: frame bung only welded half way on at roll cage

While helping a friend of mine this evening add a couple of things to his machine I noticed a hairline crack in powder coat on the front drivers side frame bung at rollcage. Inspected a little closer and asked if I could pick at it a little to see what was going on there. Removed a little powder coat and saw that weld was beginning to crack. So at this point stood back for a minute and pondered, what would cause this. Looked over whole cage for other signs or stress, none. So back to the frame bung that bolts to rollcage and see now that the bung was only welded half way around to join it to the frame. I was a bit shocked and my friend is not sure how he should proceed with this. My initial suggestion was to let Polaris make it right, however I think we are talking about a front frame replacement as I don’t see any dealer around here welding on the frame. His warranty just ran out a week ago. I think Polaris would want to fix something like this if for no other reason than liability. Has anyone dealt with frame weld issues? I can’t imagine this is the only machine that was put out to the public like this. I would like to think we could fix this ourselves, remove some plastics, do some grinding, welding and touch up. I hate to see him without machine for who knows how long, so dealer can put a front frame section in. Something has to be done to be able to safely ride. I also now will need to thoroughly check all welds on my machine before I will be able to ride. Anyone have any constructive advice as to what would be a reasonable course of action. I know there are guys on here that could easily fix something like this, any advice? Would it be structurally sound after welding, possibly weaken it or unknown? Getting the stuff out of the way to prep for weld is not a problem. Welding on the factory frame is a little questionable, I guess for both of us. Hiring a pro welder is not a problem, but will it be as good as it should have been when it left factory. It’s not about fault it’s about fixing. This is not a jump on Polaris free for all. That is not why I started this thread and If that’s what you have to offer please put it in another thread. Please advise, is repair doable without compromising integrity of frame? I don’t want my buddy in a death trap of our own making. With what all I have read about putting in aftermarket roll cages makes me nervous to get frame welded on at the location holding roll cage. Advisable to disconnect ecu and battery before welding? If this thing was a house we would already have it fixed. Lol