Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) ????

Per the owners manual on my 2015 RZR XP1000, "The Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) on this vehicle meets OSHA 1928.53 rollover performance requirements." What exactly does this mean? Just google OSHA 1928.53 and see if it is any clearer to you. It certainly looks to me that this OSHA standard is for wheeled agricultural equipment. How can anyone in there right mind think that these test parameters listed would be sufficient for a (ROPS) on a machine that can do 70+ mph. I do not understand all of these test parameters but it is pretty clear to me that they were designed to provide a minimum standard for a ROPS on a tractor or other farm equipment that operates at much slower speeds than what a modern SxS would or could be operated at. Why is this OSHA "compliance" being cited in my manual? I believe this can and will give a large number of people a false sense of security as to what to expect from your ROPS. After all if it meets OSHA requirements it must be safe right? Does no one else find this interesting that a decades old OSHA requirement that was originally written for wheeled agricultural / tractors is being cited as being met to do what? Give some assurance that this vehicle is safe in the event of a rollover? Now don’t get me wrong, these OSHA requirements were written to curb the injury to workers and operators of farm equipment that at the time did not have any rollover protection. The statistics at that time were somewhere around 30 % of all agricultural injuries involved a rollover. Now we are here in 2015 and using these same requirements for SxS vehicles that frankly are no comparison to the handling and performance characteristics of the farm tractor from the ’70s. The modern sport SxS is also not marketed, sold or intended to be used by consumer in the same manner as typical wheeled agricultural vehicles. Why my question is, do we allow this? Why aren’t we voicing our concerns of these ROPS ability to provide more than adequate protection in the event of a sudden unexpected rollover. Who determined that these particular OSHA requirements being met are enough rollover protection for a modern "sport" vehicle that does 70+ mph with an incredible 4wd system that will allow the vehicle to literally climb a shear wall and flip itself over. Do we keep quiet about a protective structure that we consider to be weak for fear of regulation of the incredible abilities of our machines? Manufacturers of the current sport SxS machines have given us so much, and I am extremely happy and incredibly thankful to be fortunate enough to enjoy the mass amounts of modern engineering excellence that have been poured into my RZR. So that being said why, why, why do we have a ROPS that merely meets these OSHA 1928.53 rollover performance requirements. What a bunch of muddled up bunch of garble that is outdated and insufficient for our machines. Does a SxS machine with a factory ROPS provide better protection than a hypothetical SxS machine that did not have a factory ROPS? I would say yes. Is it enough? I would say no. I personally would like to see Polaris set a new standard for safety with rollover protection that far exceeds any current manufacturers pos OSHA blah blah blah ROPS. Every person must decide for themselves if the factory ROPS is enough protection in the event of a rollover.