Q & A please…

Ok so I made the 9 hour round trip to abernathys…not as bad as I thought in my 2 dr jeep. Still long though, ugh. Got home at 11:30 pm!
Shae the salesman told me a couple things that puzzled me. First if you leave the key on for more than five min. your eps will shut down and have to be taken to dealer to be turned back on….huh?? And when driving less than 20 mph you have to put it in low gear or the belt will get too loose and get screwed up….
When we strapped it on the trailer the only place it seemed you could put the straps in the front was on the bumper….so what if you don’t have a bumper where do you strap it? He didn’t know…
And he took the cover off the bed and said when I power wash it I had to lay a rag over the clutch vent or I would get water in the clutch and ruin it….didn’t the engineers know people will be power washing these???
Lastly I got up this morning and was looking at the bill of sale and at the top it said price of rzr 17444. The internet price was 16444. So what they list it with the rebates included? Then you also see rebates and low interest on the site and think your also getting those? I have to call today and ask about that… And one more thing…lol. How is it they are so cheap but when I go to the Polaris site and build my rzr 1000 the same way it is just about the same price??? Dang does that mean I didn’t have to drive 9 hrs to get a rzr??? There is two Polaris dealers within 35 minutes where I live in Indiana….
I hope you guys can shed some light on these issues for me. It will be greatly appreciated!