Preparing my new (to me) XP4

Hey Everyone,

I picked up a used XP41K White Lightning a few days ago. Currently has just shy of 600 miles on the Odometer.

Some Pics:

It came with a trailer, and the following accessories:

– High Lifter 3-5" lift
– Standard Suspension Seats
– Front and rear bumpers
– Bed Rack
– Door Lowers
– Mud flaps
– Aluminum roof
– Spare tire mount (Had to take tire off to fit in garage lol)
– 30" light bar
– 6" light bar
– PRP 5 pt seat harnesses
– Front windshield
– Pyramid LED whips
– 2" wheel spacers on all fours

From what I can tell a lot of the accessories seem to have come from UTV Giant, but that’s my google educated guess since I wasn’t the first owner.

I grew up in the Southern, CA desert, so OHV’s are not new to me at all. Most of my experience however, is from dirtbikes and quads. This is my first RZR, and it’s going to be for myself, the wife, and my almost 4 yr old to enjoy.

From what I can tell this RZR seems to be outfitted pretty well. The only other thing I really want to do is add a winch, since we will probably be riding alone sometimes, and I want to have an option for self recovery.

Other than the nice to have things that are kind of universal to powersports; what kind of RZR specific tools and gear do I need to carry? Since I’ll have my family with me I want to make sure I’m prepared in case something breaks on the trail.

Also, are there any weak points w/the 2014’s that need to be addressed? The previous owner said he upgraded to a 2015 belt, because the 2014 belts weren’t as good.

I know this is a bit of a long post, so thanks in advanced if you read all the way through and have some inputs.

– Rob